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Enjoy the Benefits Massage Therapy. We offer massage options that fit your individual needs. Relaxation Massage
De-stress and unwind during a full-body massage. Experience Firm but gentle pressure, with long flowing movements intended to improve circulation as well as a state of relaxation the body craves.
| 60 Min – $65 | | 90 Min – $100| | 120 Min – $65| Deep Tissue Massage
Find relief from chronic pain and tension with a deep tissue massage with pressure adjustable to your liking. Firm pressure with techniques that focus on the deepest layer of the muscle to target knots and release overworked muscles.
| 60 Min – $65 | | 90 Min – $65| Warm Stone Massage
Enjoy the warmth of heated stones with traditional massage techniques. Warm stones are used over the entire body, melting away tension, radiating into tight muscles and bringing your body into a deep state of relaxation.
 | 60 Min – $80 |  Sports/Performance Massage
This therapeutic massage is specific to your sport of choice. with Focus on a particularly troublesome area for relief. The sports/performance massage is for active people of every kind, also for those looking for an assortment of stretches to increase range of motion. Cupping is included in the service at your request!
| 60 Min – $65 | | 90 Min – $100| Prenatal Massage
This specific massage is for the deserving mother to be to help alleviate discomforting tension and aches caused by the shifting weight of the center of gravity. This relaxing therapeutic massage is designed to reduce swelling, fatigue, and address problematic areas such as the lower back. **Recommended after the first trimester**
| 60 Min – $65 | Focus Massage
Recharge with this focused 30-minute session in specific areas of tension of your choice. For many this is the shoulders, neck, and upper back. Focus massage is great service for clients with limited time, and always on the go.
| 30 Min – $35 |  Spa Massage
coming soon…. add+ ons Scalp Massage
Boost your massage session with an extra 10 minutes dedicated to the scalp.
| 10 Min – $10 | *adds 10 mins to session Aromatherapy
Relieve stress, inflammation, and pain with essential oils extracted from herbs, flowers, and fruits.
| – $5 up charge |  Cupping
Cups are used to create negative pressure in troubled areas, allowing the therapist to gently lift the layers of fascia and muscle tissue. This treatment assists in breaking adhesion's and scar tissue, freeing muscles to move more normally.
| – $10 up charge |  body treatments
coming soon……..

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