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Continued Education for Stylists Masters of Balayage Class Featured

Masters of Balayage Class Masters of Balayage Class mastersofbalayage . com
13 Mar

We invest in our stylists. That is why we organize continued educations classes so our stylists can learn the latest trends and cutting edge techniques. Sunday, May 7th, 2017 • 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM For Stylists
This mind-blowing class will leave you with Ah-Ha moments for weeks. Watch closely as B3 Sponsored Artist, Masters of Balayage Founder, and Author of the book Suite Success, Ryan Weeden (@ryan.weeden) performs some of the hottest, most innovative and cutting-edge, hair-painting techniques of the year on live models in real-time. You will learn his methods for fast, effective balayage - real techniques that you can use immediately in the salon - guaranteed to make you more confident. From sectioning strategies to babylights to root melting, you will now discover how to combine multiple painting methods to produce one seamless look. Stylists find more information here >>